Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Here are some pictures from this years pumpkin patch.

If you look closely at this picture you will see Landon at the top of the bounce house slide cheering on his brother!

Here is another one of our famous family photos which always ends up with somebody trying to hide from the camera.


Halloween has come & gone. It is so much more fun when you have kids to celebrate the holidays with. Dawson was supposed to be Thomas the Tank Engine & Landon was Scooby Doo along with Grammy! When it came time to put on our costumes Dawson wanted nothing to do with Thomas. Thankfully, we had a back up dog costume so I decided to go as Thomas. Grandma Becky wore a Speed Racer helmet & my sister Lisa wore Landon's Lightning McQueen cars costume from a couple of years ago.
I can not believe that my mom got candy from every single house. She put her pumpkin bucket right up there with the boys' buckets & every time there was a deposit of candy placed into the bucket. She got more attention in her costume than any other kid out that night. It was a hit with the kids & adults. David handed out candy with his friend Tim & Uncle Joe. At the end of the night he was cussed out by an eight year old. There is always one kid that spoils all of the fun! I really can't say who had more fun this Halloween, the adults or the kids!!!