Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Whatever 1 of 2!!!

I know I know...I seem to be a broken record. I am supposed to keep up on this stuff and I officially am doing a horrible job! I am SO fired!!! The order of the pics is backwards so we are going oldest first, most recent last (I know I can't get anything right)! Here we go...
Happy Fall Misc Pics...
On this day Dawson decided to dress himself. Shirt backwards and shorts with socks and sandals!!!

Way to go Landon!!! He is officially no longer in need of training wheels! What a milestone. We were so proud!!!

San Francisco Giants


Our annual Incline Village trip was a blast (as always)! It was so awesome we saw 4 grizzly bears at the fish hatchery. There were 2 adults and 2 cubs that were only yards away. It was amazing! The weather was great and on the last day it turned really cold! The beach was wonderful as well as the park.

Happy 5th Birthday Landon!!!
For Landon's birthday this year we went to Pump It Up. I honestly think that the adults had more fun than the kids. I know that David and I had so much fun thinking that we were oversized kids. Literally at the obstacle course I wouldn't let the kids go in until we (the adults) raced. So every few kids we would wait until they came out and off we would go. My competitive side really came out! I'm thinking about throwing an adults only party there sometime. Wouldn't that be fun...


Here are pics from the pumpkin patch and from Trick-or-Treating. Our pumpkins turned out really cute this year. I just wish they weren't so much work!