Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spring 2009

Okay, here I go again. I have been horrible about my posts, I need to do them more than every couple of months. So here are our spring pictures. Hopefully it will not take me forever to do our summer pics...
Easter always starts off with the decorating of the eggs. I have learned through the years to allow the boys to go "topless" for the egg dying process due to the mess. Can they make a great dye that does not stain their clothes??? Next off was an egg hunt at preschool which is always a treat. Then Easter morning and the finding of treats from the Easter Bunny followed by dinner at Grandma Becky's and Grandpa Rick's with lots more Easter egg hunts.

Every spring we look forward to our Arizona week long visit. This year was packed with fun. From the zoo to the golf car rides, swimming to new parks the boys were going non-stop! We can not wait for next spring!!!
Landon's T-Ball team did very well. He loved playing t-ball and really did improve as the season went on (he's a natural like his daddy). We are excited for next season (even though it is 7-8 months away) and even more excited for the one after that when Dawson will be able to play too!

Here the boys and I are eating a picnic in the car for the "end of the season baseball BBQ" due to the rain.

David's 30th Birthday!!!
Surrounded by family and friends what a great way to spend a birthday!

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