Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Whatever 2 of 2!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Porter
My Step-sister Beni was married to James on 11/14/2009. They were kind enough to allow our boys Landon and Dawson to be the ring-bearers. Their cousin Charli (my other Step-sister Cori's daughter) was the flower girl. The wedding took place in James' parent's beautiful cabin in Idaho. The bride was breathtaking (as was the groom). The entire wedding was out of a storybook. We had a wonderful time!

The excited Mother and Father-of-the-Bride along with the flower girl and ring bearers!
The boys...
Boys boys boys... the wedding favors for the kids were a blast!

Lisa and Joe (plus one more)

Are these not the cutest ringbearers!!! They were wonderful the entire time!
Redbull and Blueberry Vodka with Poprocks around the rim... tasty!
The after party in our cabin...
Our last day in our cabin. We hope to return in the summer!

Christmas 2009
This Christmas was a whirlwind of events (they always are). That is one of the reasons I love it so much. We started our Christmas the weekend before at Nony's house with the Keele Krew -minus half of the Krew :( My Dad and Stepmom were able to spend the holidays with us (haven't done that in a long time). Unfortunately for them, we had put them to work on our house! On Christmas morning we opened gifts at home then headed to Lisa's, Joe's, and Grammy's house for an awesome Christmas breakfast and present opening. Then our next destination was to Grandma and Grandpa's to open more gifts! Then to Great Grandma Marilyn's house then back to our house to cook a little and get ready for our delicious Christmas dinner at the Loudenburg's!

Here are the Keele's minus Christa, Darrin, Mel, Quincy, Stratty, and Tuck! We missed you guys!!!

Aunt Judy makes the best cookies!!!

Jen and Mike and a pic with the cousins...

What seems to be our annual Christmas pic...

Christmas at our house.
Christmas with Grammy...
Present opening at Grandma's and Grandpa's...

After dinner drinks -Dad and Chris made some kind of apple moonshine drink for everyone to enjoy :)

Random Boys Will Be Boys Pics

Valentine's Day
The Boys had their annual Valentine's Day Program at school. They both had their hair cuts right before the big event and of course Dawson wanted to make a statement. That kid just cracks me up, what a personality! At one point I heard a parent behind me ask' "Who is that kid with the red hair?" I had a good laugh!

We just had a crazy snow storm at the end of February. The boys were kind enough to help shovel and get some snow time. Until that is they got cold. Hey, I will take any help that I can get :)

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